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Outdoor Timber Decking: The Best Flooring Service You Can Find

Our decking services at Floordeck are unrivalled in terms of quality, designs, and styles.


Are you looking to renovate your floors with some good timber wood decking? Well, we are here to help you pick out the best and most eco-friendly outdoor timber decking styles. With a number of options available, each of our designs and floors speaks for itself.


Visually appealing balcony timber decking that will last a long time.

Our Aim

We will cover your floor with the best wooden flooring available in order to provide our clients with high-quality flooring services.Our experts are highly proficient in their work, focusing on the project's minute details and paying meticulous attention to all your requirements.

Why Choose Our Composite Wood Decking?

Our pillars of strength as a flooring service provider in Singapore include our products' durability, affordability, and versatility. If you are planning to get your flooring done, you need to be very crucial in hiring the right service providers, or else all your money will get wasted since hiring a flooring service is a long-term investment that helps you make your house look the way you want it to.

The best thing about our outdoor timber decking is that the materials are entirely eco-friendly and selected from the world's finest resources. What else do you need? Hire us today, and let us discuss the flooring plan in detail with you.


The one thing that makes us unique and different from other flooring providers in Singapore is that we make our products affordable. Keeping in view the requirements and demands of our clients, our flooring experts ensure that the plan is customised according to your needs without compromising on the quality of the products from start to finish.

Contact us and Start the Floor Renovation Today

Eco-Friendly Products

You can contact us anytime if you need in-depth information about our timber wood decking and other flooring services. Our team will get in touch with you at their earliest convenience, discuss all the needs and requirements, and communicate the desired budget to you.

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