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What is Parquet Flooring?

Parquet flooring consists of small pieces of geometrically shaped wood fitted into intricately arranged patterns. The idea of creating the design for the floor was first formed in the 16th century and was first known to be in use at grand homes and palaces across France. Modern parquet allows for freedom in design and installation because it is no longer limited to solid wood, as it is now available in a variety of materials like hardwood and engineered wood.

Why is Parquet Flooring a Popular Option in Singapore?

Singaporeans are particularly drawn to parquet flooring in SG due to its aesthetic appeal and adaptability. It effortlessly complements various decorative styles, from minimalism to Scandinavian, blending seamlessly without overpowering the space. This type of flooring is well-suited for the hot and humid climate of the lion city. It’s cool underfoot and comfortable walking surface make it an ideal choice for all seasons.

It's not just practical, but also stunningly beautiful. Parquet flooring in SG is renowned for its durability, making it a wise investment for homes in this humid region. Moreover, it offers a unique advantage in terms of maintenance. Unlike carpets that require regular cleaning to prevent allergen build-up, parquet flooring simply needs periodic sweeping to maintain its shine and hygiene.

Singaporeans also love the touch of personalisation that parquet floors bring to the home. With the choice of woods and finishes that are present in plenty, any homeowner can easily find his style that works in harmony with the interior design of the home. This extends to layout with patterns of installation that can be used to make a space look larger or to have a focal point in a room.

Pros and Cons of Parquet Flooring

Where to Buy Parquet Flooring?

Looking for high-quality parquet flooring in SG? Look no further than Floordeck. We offer a diverse selection of styles and expert guidance throughout the process. Whether you're renovating or building, our skilled team will work with you to ensure your new floor is installed seamlessly and maintains its quality for years to come.

High-Quality Parquet Flooring in SG

At Floordeck, we offer high-quality flooring services to our customers. We are glad to be acknowledged as one of the best brands that have made parquet flooring installation more manageable, smoother, and affordable for people. When you come to us, we give you the freedom to choose the designs and styles you like. Aside from that, you can choose from a variety of colour options, each with its own sparkle.
Our parquet floors have gained popularity and are extensively used in many homes, especially in the bedrooms, because of their elegant style and shiny surface. Our products are known for their durability and quality. The best part of our floors is that they have been crafted in unique designs and patterns that will uplift the whole interior of your room.

Also, our team ensures that the flooring is an excellent match to your interior so that everything looks properly planned and blended.

Price of Parquet Flooring SG


What distinguishes us from the competition is that our products are extremely affordable and can easily fit into your budget. Without compromising on quality, we ensure that our clients get the best services at a fraction of the cost.

Hire us Today, and let us Transform Your Floors

Nothing beats contacting Floordeck flooring service if you're looking for dependable parquet flooring contractors.

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