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Why Should You Use Our Flooring Service?

Floordeck has always been a trendy name in the market for its exceptional and high-quality flooring services. We are glad to cater to the needs of our customers from all parts of the country. Moreover, our experts have expanded the services to incorporate luxury vinyl flooring services into the list to satisfy the growing demands of our clients.

Besides this, we have also worked with and collaborated with the country’s best interior designers to bring you the most luxurious and versatile flooring designs to add a sense of extravagance to your space.


Floordeck is a name that is famous for providing quality residential and commercial flooring services. Whether you are renovating your old home or looking for some fantastic flooring designs for your new place, we have innumerable options available that you can easily pick from.

Cost Vinyl Of Flooring

Well, the first and most important thing clients are curious to know is how much they will be required to pay for the kitchen vinyl flooring.

The answer to the question is simple. It all depends on the type of flooring, the designs, and the quality of the materials being used. At Floordeck, we provide our clients with a number of options they can pick from, and the costs then vary accordingly.

Easy Customisation

Worried about the tight budget? Our professionals are here to assist you.

What should you do if you have a tight budget? No need to worry. We have a solution for you too. Being strapped for cash should not be the reason you compromise on the flooring of your dream home. All you need to do is talk to our experts, who will help you customise the whole plan to suit your requirements and fit your budget.

Latest Equipment

With a team of experienced individuals who have been exclusively trained in the field for years, we also opt for the best quality products, the latest technology, and tools.

Contact us Today and Get Access to the Best Vinyl Flooring

Get help with flooring! Contact us today, and let us make this floor renovation journey easy and hassle-free. Simply email us, and our professionals will get in touch with you to discuss your requirements and execute the plan according to your needs.

At Floordeck, we intend to provide our clients with the most outstanding solid wood flooring service that exceeds their expectations. Here are some of the characteristics of our flooring and timber ceiling.

  • Easy maintenance

  • Easy to clean

  • Quick stain removal

  • Quick installation

  • Variety of designs

  • Range of colours

  • Highly affordable

  • Durability

Vinyl Flooring Suppliers in Singapore

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