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Flooring Cracks: Should I Be Worried?


Have you ever noticed cracks in your home's flooring and wondered whether they are cause for concern? Cracks in flooring can be a common sight in many households, but not all of them should be a cause for alarm. In this comprehensive guide, we will demystify flooring cracks and help you understand when to be concerned.

Floors can develop cracks for various reasons, including poor installation, and changes in heat and humidity. Even solid timber flooring, known for its timeless beauty, may experience cracks over time due to its natural tendency to expand and contract. To address and repair these issues, it's essential to understand why cracks occur and distinguish between harmless and worrisome ones.

What are Flooring cracks?

Cracks can appear in various types of flooring, such as solid timber, tiles, vinyl, and more. These lines can surface for a variety of reasons, with some being harmless adjustments to changes in the environment and others indicating potentially serious problems.

Distinguishing Between Normal and Troublesome Cracks

Normal Cracks: Some cracks are considered normal, resulting from the expansion and contraction of wood due to temperature and humidity fluctuations. These may create small gaps or thin cracks, particularly during dry seasons.

Troublesome Cracks: Wider, deeper, and persistent cracks signal a problem with structural integrity or uneven floor installation. These cracks require close monitoring, and it's advisable to consult a flooring contractor for an assessment.


When to Be Concerned?

When should you become concerned about these floor crevices? If cracks widen, become more extensive, or persist despite changes in weather or humidity, it may be time to call a contractor. Additionally, if cracks are accompanied by other signs like uneven floors, squeaks, or gaps between floorboards, seeking professional advice is a wise choice.

Identifying Harmless and Concerning Cracks

Differentiating between harmless and concerning cracks can save you time and money. Consider the following factors:

Crack Size and Depth: Minor surface cracks are usually not a concern, but deep and wide cracks should prompt a consultation with a flooring contractor for an assessment and recommended action.

Location and Pattern: Cracks spreading evenly across the floor may result from natural ageing, while those concentrated in one area could indicate a more serious issue.

Changes Over Time: Regularly monitoring any cracks you notice is crucial. Sudden growth in cracks may indicate a deeper underlying problem, making early detection valuable.

Why Hiring a Flooring Contractor Matters?

Flooring contractors offer more than superficial solutions; they identify and address underlying issues. Their experience in the field allows them to accurately diagnose various flooring problems and provide specific, long-lasting solutions.

Proper Assessment and Solutions: Contractors can accurately identify the root causes of problems and provide tailored solutions to prevent their recurrence.

Repairs and Maintenance: Flooring contractors will fix your flooring issues efficiently while also suggesting maintenance tactics to prolong the floor's lifespan.

Long-Term Care Recommendations: Contractors can provide advice on long-term care, including maintenance frequency, suitable cleaning methods, and precautions to prevent common issues.

Preventing Future Flooring Issues

In addition to seeking a contractor for assistance, taking proactive measures can significantly reduce the risk of flooring problems.


Invest in Quality Materials: Choosing quality flooring materials, such as solid timber or durable laminate, can prevent cracking and damage, offering long-term value.

Regular Maintenance: Consistent cleaning practices such as mopping, vacuuming, and stain avoidance can help maintain the floor's integrity.

Control Humidity: Maintaining the right humidity level is crucial for wooden floors, as extreme conditions can lead to issues. Using a dehumidifier or humidifier can help maintain a balanced environment.

In Conclusion

With Floor Deck, you're entrusting your floors to capable hands with a strong dedication to customer service. While flooring cracks may seem worrying, understanding them and knowing how to address them can make the situation more manageable. Our team of flooring contractors are well-equipped to handle floor maintenance and repair on any surface.

Floor Deck isn't just an ordinary flooring company; we do our best to provide you with satisfactory services. Our durable floors come with warranties you can rely on. When you choose Floor Deck, you're not just buying a floor; you are investing in long-lasting quality for your space.


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